Is It Safe to Drive in Las Vegas?

safe to drive in Vegas?
According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, from 2014 through 2016 there were 54,392 car crashes in Las Vegas. In addition, in 2010 Las Vegas drivers were 21% likelier to have an accident than drivers elsewhere, based on the national average (Las Vegas Sun, “Report: Las Vegas drivers more prone to accidents“). But in 2015 there were also 5,051 choking deaths nationwide, and choking remains “the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury death” (National Safety Council, “Choking Prevention and Rescue Tips“). So eating in Las Vegas or anywhere else isn’t safe, either. You’re not going to stop eating, though, because of that, are you?

So is it safe to drive in Las Vegas? The answer to that question depends on the context of those statistics, as well as a host of other factors. Let’s take a look, then . . .

Top Causes of Traffic Accidents in Nevada

In the state of Nevada alone, traffic accidents are responsible for hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year. The top causes of motor vehicle accidents in the state are:

  • Inattention – Using cell phones, eating or drinking, or engaging in any other activity that distracts attention from the task of driving
  • Failure to yield – Not properly yielding the right of way to drivers of other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Recklessness – Operating a vehicle in a reckless manner, e.g., driving at unsafe speeds, changing lanes too quickly, or following too closely
  • Failure to heed traffic signs/signals – Usually, failing to obey stop signs and traffic lights
  • Faulty lane changing – Generally, changing lanes without signaling, changing lanes too quickly, or drifting into another lane

Special Considerations for Las Vegas Driving

As of 2010, every driver in Las Vegas was averaging an accident every 8.3 years (Las Vegas Sun, “Report: Las Vegas drivers more prone to accidents”). There are, then, a few special considerations for driving in Las Vegas.
Vegas looking like LA traffic

  • People in different areas of the country have their own peculiar driving habits and quirks. And if you drive in Las Vegas, you’re going to have to deal with drivers from all over.
  • There are, of course, tons of tourists, and they are given to slowing down at odd times in order to gawk, especially in the area of the Resort Corridor.
  • Traffic gets worse later in the day, especially on I-15, so the typical rush hours don’t really have a lot of meaning in Las Vegas.
  • You may have to be more alert for impaired drivers than you would have to elsewhere.
  • The ubiquitous concrete medians make turning around difficult, which can put a double strain on your attentiveness at times.
  • Southbound traffic on I-15 always seems to be heavy, but especially in the mornings when it comes to resemble LA traffic.

Still, driving in Las Vegas can be safe if you do what it takes to make it that way, beginning with keeping these considerations in mind.

When Driving in Las Vegas Is Not So Safe

But accidents do happen – remember, you can die while you’re eating. So it’s a good idea to be armed with information about personal injuries in Vegas and staying safe, as well as what to do immediately after an accident, for example:

  1. seek medical attention. If you are injured or even think you may be injured, get medical attention immediately. The medical report could have a huge impact on your case.
  2. Exchange information with the other party involved in the accident.
  3. Get witness statements and information.
  4. Take photos if you are able and the opportunity presents itself.
  5. Call your insurance company and let them know about your injuries, however minor they may seem.
  6. Be sure to get the police report number from the officers on the scene.
  7. Do not mention or discuss your accident on social media in any way whatsoever.

The final, and perhaps most critical, step is to contact an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers With Inside Knowledge

Yes, it’s definitely safe to drive in Las Vegas – and, no, it’s also not very safe at all. About the same as with any other activity in life, with some things carrying a little more risk than others. The thing is, though, Las Vegas presents a unique set of circumstances and so some not-so-common driving conditions. Sometimes those circumstances and conditions conspire to cause a traffic accident, and that’s when you need an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer in your corner.

The Las Vegas auto accident attorneys at Ladah Law Firm know how insurance companies think – how they often use almost any kind of tactic to keep you from getting the compensation you need and deserve. In the past, Ramzy Ladah worked for the insurance companies that pay out (or, rather, work hard at not paying out) on personal injury claims. He has, so to speak, “been inside the belly of the beast.” If then, you’ve been in a car accident and are seeking a fair settlement, contact Ladah Law Firm, who understands the strategies and motivations of the insurance companies.