Las Vegas Injury Scenarios Questions & Answers

Las Vegas Injury Q&A

Unsafe Las Vegas Hotel Property Causes Injury

Sidewalk liability
Question: What if I was walking out of my hotel and fell because the sidewalk was uneven.  Is the hotel held responsible?
Answer:Defects in the flooring, whether they are defects in the sidewalk, carpet, tile, or other defects, can result in severe injuries. The owners of the property are responsible to keep the flooring safe and free of defects and dangerous conditions. When they fail to do so, and a patron is injured, then that patron has a case against the premises owner. If you fall because the flooring is uneven, then yes the hotel may be responsible. It is important that you act quickly by filling out an incident report and getting medical treatment for your injuries. Also, hiring us to perform a site inspection and determine what the dangerous condition was is also important.

Taxi Cab Accidents Common in Vegas

Question: What happens if I get in a taxi accident on my way from the airport to my hotel?
Answer:If you get in a taxi accident on your way from the airport to your hotel, then you can pursue a case against whichever driver is at fault and possibly against both drivers if both drivers are partially at fault. Get yourself medical treatment immediately and the at fault driver, through their insurance, will cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and just compensation for the aggravation and inconvenience you have been through. Wait at the scene of the accident until the police and the taxi authority arrive at the scene so that you can inform them of the facts of the accident and give a written statement. Also, make sure you inform them that you are injured if you are experiencing any pain, stiffness, or tightness.

Hotel Lobby Injuries

Question: What do I need to do if I slipped and hurt myself in my hotel lobby?
Answer:If you slip and hurt yourself in the lobby of your hotel, make sure to inform security or employees of the hotel immediately and fill out an incident report. Likewise, make sure you understand what caused you to slip and fall and document it in the incident report. By doing this, you are forcing the hotel to preserve any and all video footage of the incident and you are laying the groundwork for a case. Most importantly, if you are injured, have the hotel call the paramedics for you and make sure they are aware you are feeling pain, stiffness, or tightness. Oftentimes hotels destroy video footage and claim that they did not have any reason to preserve the video footage because they did not know that an incident occurred. This is why filling out an incident report, and keeping a copy for yourself, is so important. The video footage could be the best evidence for your case. Ladah Law Firm handles slip and fall cases occurring at casinos, hotels, retail stores, and other establishments. Call us if you have been in a slip and fall incident.

Rented a Car & Crashed on the Las Vegas Strip

Question: What happens if I rent a car and end up getting rear-ended or injured from the accident.
Answer:As a passenger, you are what is labelled in the industry as “negligent free” or “fault free”. This gives rise to what, in legal terms, is referred to as “joint and several liability”. This means that if your taxi driver is partially at fault, you can recover against the taxi company’s deep pockets. This is true even if the driver of your taxi is only 1% at fault. Likewise, you can also recover against the drivers of any of the other vehicles involved in the accident if those other drivers are also at fault. Taxi accident cases and other motor vehicle accident cases are handled by Ladah Law Firm on a regular basis.

Bicycle Accidents at Red Rock Canyon

bicycle accident
Question: What if I’m riding a bike at Red Rock Canyon and someone in a motor vehicle hits me even though I accidentally cut in front of them & they technically had the right of way?
Answer:Motorists have to look out for pedestrians and bicyclists on the road. Pedestrians and bicyclists are often severely injured when they are hit by motor vehicles. Obviously, there is a great disparity between the size and weight of the motor vehicle versus the size and weight of the pedestrian and the bicyclist. Thus, it is especially important for other motorists to watch out for non-motorists (pedestrians and bicyclists) on the road. Even though the car may have the right of way, this does not mean they are not partially at fault. Under comparative negligence law in the state of Nevada, even if the bicyclist is partially at fault he or she can still recover from the motor vehicle driver as long as the bicyclist or pedestrian is not more than 50% at fault. Thus, even if you think you are partially at fault you may still have a case because the driver of the motor vehicle may also be partially at fault. We handle bicyclist and pedestrian accident cases. Call Ladah Law Firm if you have been injured in one of these accidents.

Injured at the Hotel Gym

Question: What if I was working out at my hotel gym & I hurt myself after I slipped on water from someone’s water bottle that got knocked over. What action should I take or can I take?
Answer:Again, first thing you should do is request to fill out an incident report. This will ensure your right to obtain the video footage, and if the hotel fails to preserve that video footage they will suffer consequences in court. How strong of a case you have depends on who knocked over the water bottle and how long the water was on the floor. If it was an employee that knocked the water bottle on the floor, then the hotel is automatically liable and responsible for your injuries. Yet, if it was another patron that spilled the water bottle and the water on the floor, then whether the hotel is at fault depends on whether they actually knew about the water or whether they should have known about the water on the floor. If we can establish that an employee actually saw the puddle of water on the floor before the fall and yet failed to clean it up then the hotel was on notice of the water and will be at fault for the fall. If no employees knew about the water on the floor, but the water was on the floor long enough that a reasonably prudent employee should have found it then they are at fault. It is important that you hire a qualified slip and fall attorney to maximize your recovery. Hire Ladah Law Firm today if you have been injured in a slip and fall accide

Pool Injuries at a Las Vegas Hotel

Question: What if I was at my hotel pool when I slipped and broke my foot. How should I handle this?
Answer:Call the paramedics immediately. It is important that you receive the proper medical treatment immediately if you have suffered severe injuries. Next, hire Ladah Law Firm so that we can retain safety engineers and human factors experts to perform a site inspection immediately to determine what the dangerous condition that caused your fall was. Sometimes these dangerous conditions can be repaired or fixed before your attorney or the right experts can report to the scene and inspect the conditions of the flooring, or whatever it was that caused the fall. This is one of the reasons why it is important to hire us immediately right after an accident.

Burned At The Restaurant

Question: What if I’m out enjoying a nice meal somewhere and my server spills something hot on me?
Answer:The server, and correspondingly the restaurant, is at fault for any injuries you suffer. Make sure the incident is documented, because if it is not documented they will likely deny that it ever happened. Speak to the server’s manager, fill out an incident report, and make sure they know that you are injured. If you suffered burn injuries, report to the hospital immediately as you may need immediate care in the burn unit.

Child Injuries at Las Vegas Daycare

Question: What if I dropped my child off with childcare/daycare.  When I came back I noticed that my child had small cuts & a couple bruises. Is there anything I can do? What steps should I take?
Answer:There may be negligence here and you should investigate. The first thing you should do is ask questions of the staff. If you can, use your cell phone to record the conversations to see what the staff at the daycare says. They are likely not properly supervising and caring for the children and may not have enough adult chaperones and employees. Often times these facilities try to maximize profits at the sacrifice of quality service and the childcare is what suffers. Therefore, do not let this go. Documents the injuries, investigate, and call us at Ladah Law Firm.

Misdiagnosis in Las Vegas Medical Facility

Las Vegas medical misdiagnosis
Question: What if I was admitted to the hospital when I wasn’t feeling well. I think I was diagnosed incorrectly & given medicine I had a reaction to. Now I am very ill and on the verge of death. Is there anything to do?
Answer:Yes, the first thing you need to do is get the proper medical care. The facility you are in may have made a grave error, either in misdiagnosis, misprescription, or even misfiling your prescription. Thus, it is important to get to a medical facility that can objectively evaluate exactly what is going on. From there, you need a medical malpractice lawyer or negligent pharmacy lawyer to investigate by gathering the medical records and sending them out for review by physician expert witnesses. If you have a case like this, call Ladah Law Firm today.

Unsafe Stairs In Las Vegas Hotel Causes Injury

Question: What if I hurt my leg falling down the stairs at the hotel. Is there any action I can take?
Answer:Yes. There could be a number of reasons why you fell down the stairs. There could be a code violation, as in the stairs could be too narrow or not to proper dimensions which makes them dangerous and makes the premises liable for this trip and fall. There also could have been a liquid or foreign substance on the stairs that could have caused you to fall meaning it would be a slip and fall case. Either way, you have a premises case and it is important that you speak with a competent attorney. Call Ramzy Ladah today to discuss your options.

Robbed At A Las Vegas Getaway

Question: What if I’m robbed on the property that I’m staying at?  Is that place liable for me being robbed?
Answer:They might be. It depends on whether the criminal act was foreseeable to the property owners. This will depend on the crime statistics and crime history for the property and the neighborhood that the property is in. If the criminal act was foreseeable, and the property owners failed to secure a proper and sufficient security presence, including patrols and cameras, then they will be liable. In that case, you will be entitled to damages for your injuries.

Vegas Amusement Parks Are No Fun When They Cause Injury

Question: What if I was riding an amusement park ride when my safety harness came loose and I fell to the ground breaking my leg.  It was a horrible experience.  Who would be at fault for my injury?
Answer:The owner and manager of the amusement park would be responsible for your injuries. A safety harness should not come loose. This is pure negligence on behalf of the amusement park and you should pursue a case against them. A broken leg could result in significant medical expenses, pain, suffering, loss of value of life, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, as well as other damages associated with the inconvenience and aggravation.

Hotel Theatre In Vegas Unsafe

Question: What if I was enjoying a movie at the movie theater while staying at our hotel.  As we were leaving I tripped and fell in an area that wasn’t well lit.  Is the theatre or hotel going to be held responsible?
Answer:Yes they likely will be held responsible under a negligent lighting theory. Hotels, Theatres, and other premises that invite patrons at night need to have sufficient lighting. It is foreseeable that a lack of lighting will result in patrons tripping, falling, walking into things, and injuring themselves. Negligent lighting cases can be very good cases but require proper experts and proper case work up. It is important that you retain Ladah Law Firm immediately so that we can work up your case properly before it is too late.

Bowling Ball Smashes Hand In Nevada Bowling Alley

Question: What if while bowling at our hotel, I was injured while grabbing my bowling bowl from the bowling ball return machine.  I ended up breaking several of my fingers.  What should be my first action?
Answer:Your first action should be to get the medical treatment you need. Obtaining the proper medical treatment is always a priority. Obtaining the property medical treatment is also good for your case. When people delay getting medical treatment, it only feeds the insurance company’s arguments that they are not really hurt or are exaggerating their injuries. Thus, no matter what, get medical treatment immediately.

Child Injured at Pool in Las Vegas Hotel

Question: What if my child was injured because a door wasn’t securely locked at our hotel pool where we were staying.  As our child opened the door, someone came running by and smashed our child’s arm between the door and the frame.  He ended up with a fractured arm.  What choices do we have for making sure our child is taken care of medically?
Answer:Young children make the best Plaintiffs in cases, because they are sympathetic and it is extremely difficult for defense attorneys to try to argue that the child is at fault. Even the most minor negligent acts can cause injury to children, because children really often do not know any better. If your child suffers a severe injury, such as a fracture, or a cut, or a head injury, or any other type of injury then you need to pursue a case for the benefit of your child. Children who are injured as a result of negligence of other’s deserve to be compensated and as their guardian or parent, you are the only one that can pursue a case for the child. Please call Ladah Law Firm immediately if your child has been injured as a result of the negligence of another party.

Hit By Car On Las Vegas Strip

Question: As a pedestrian you’re walking a lot.  What if on the strip I’m somehow struck by a motor vehicle?  What type of action can I take?
Answer:You can pursue a case against the driver of the motor vehicle. As a pedestrian, you are a protected person in this country. Drivers need to drive safely to avoid pedestrians. Yet, pedestrians can be partially or even fully at fault if they dart out in front of traffic without looking both ways. Also, prudent pedestrians should walk across streets in the crosswalks. Yet, despite all of this, drivers of motor vehicles need to be especially careful not to hit pedestrians. Pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accidents typically result is very severe injuries. If you have been in one of these accidents, it is important to call Ladah Law Firm as soon as possible so that we can go out to the scene, preserve any evidence, get you the medical treatment you need, and work up your case properly.

Assaulted At Vegas Club

negligent security
Question: What if I’m physically assaulted while enjoying a night out at a nightclub?
Answer:It depends on the specific facts, including who assaulted you, how the assault occurred, whether there was sufficient security at the club, and what other safety mechanisms were in place and enforced by the club. There are two types of assault cases: 1. Cases where injured victim was assaulted by employees or agents of the corporation, and 2. Cases where the injured victim was assaulted by a third party, possibly another patron of the premises. If you were injured by another patron at the club, then the real question that will determine whether you can recover under the law is whether the nightclub took reasonable safety measures to protect patrons such as yourself from foreseeable criminal acts. Did security act quickly enough? Were there enough security guards on site? Did the club use metal detectors or pat downs to ensure patrons could not bring weapons into the club? Is the club serving alcohol to minors? These things are all important and need to be investigated by a hard working lawyer. If you have been injured in this type of situation, call Ladah Law Firm today.

Car Crash Injuries On Speedway

Question: What if while enjoying a driving experience at a motor speedway as a ride-along passenger, we were involved in an accident on our final lap. What are my options from here?
Answer:Well it depends why you were in an accident. Was the vehicle defective? Did the speedway loan you an improperly maintained vehicle? The first thing you need to do is determine why the accident occurred. If you have a reason to believe either the speedway or another driver is at fault for the accident, then you can pursue a case. Likewise, if you are a passenger then you can also recover from the driver of your vehicle. You have many options but you need an attorney to find the source from which you can recover damages. Call Ramzy Ladah today.

Injured at Sporting Event In Vegas

Question:What if while at a sporting event, I was injured because a wet floor wasn’t properly marked.  What do I do from here?
Answer:You have a slip and fall case. The most important thing for your entire case is that you fill out an incident report and get immediate treatment for your injuries. If you delay treatment, the insurance company will attempt to contest your injuries. In order to win a slip and fall case, we need to establish that the premises owner or manager knew about the spill, or caused the spill, or should have known about the spill, and failed to clean it up. Slip and Fall litigation requires aggressive depositions and discovery in order to guarantee success. At Ladah Law Firm, we have settled numerous large slip and fall cases by aggressively litigating and scaring the insurance companies. Call us today if you have a slip and fall case.

Vegas Casino Concert Turns Into Mosh-Pit Mayhem

Question: What if after finishing dinner, some friends and I attended a concert on the strip.  The crowd got carried away & I ended up getting knocked down, stepped on & another person fell on me, which resulted in a cracked rib.  Is the casino responsible for my injuries?
Answer:Yes if the casino did not take proper measures to ensure crowd control and containment. Casinos have a responsibility to foresee when there could be large crowds that could be dangerous. In such situations, they need to take precautions to ensure the crowd is properly controlled, directed, and contained through security guards, railings, exits, and other safety mechanisms. If casinos fail to take into consideration the safety of their patrons, and somebody is injured as a result, the casino is liable.

Vegas Bachelor Party Skydiving Nearly Fatal

Question: What if during our bachelor party we went skydiving and a guy in our group ended up crashing with his instructor and required immediate medical service.  Is the instructor or business liable for his injuries?
Answer:They could be. This is likely a complicated case requiring experts on skydiving to testify as expert witnesses. There are many potential complications and risks associated with recreational activities. The defense may argue that you “assumed the risk” of something like this happening when you decided to go skydiving. Yet, “assumption of the risk” is no defense to an established negligent act. These defenses are often attempted in cases involved injuries occurring during sporting activities and recreational activities. It is important that you retain a competent attorney on the issue of assumption of the risk and recreational injuries. Call Ladah Law Firm today for a free consultation.

Vegas Show Sends Object Into Crowd Causing Injury

Question: What if my wife and I were enjoying a show on the strip and during the show an object from the stage struck my wife causing an injury. What can we do?
Answer:If you are injured from an object flying from the stage during a show, you can recover damages from the casino that the show is located in. An object falling from the stage of a show is a dangerous condition that should not occur. Obviously, objects should not be falling from stages at shows. As a rule of thumb, anytime something happens that obviously is not supposed to happen, then somebody is at fault. If this happens, you should strongly consider pursuing a case if you were injured.

Bellboy Crushes Foot At Vegas Hotel

Question: What if while checking out of our hotel, the bellboy bringing our luggage outside ran over my foot with the luggage cart. It cracked a bone in my foot.  Can the hotel be held liable for my injury?
Answer:Yes absolutely. The bellboy was negligence in not being careful and failing to pay proper attention to where he was rolling the luggage cart. If you are injured in this type of situation, you most likely have a case.

Vegas Bus Crash Causes Injuries

bus accident causes injury
Question:After visiting old downtown your family decided to take a public bus back to our hotel.  You end up involved in a crash on you way there.  Some of the injuries were minor but you wife ended up with whiplash.  Is the driver or Bus Company responsible for your family’s injuries?
Answer:Most likely yes although it depends on the specific facts of the accident. Buses qualify as “common carriers” in the industry since they transport passengers for profit. Thus, under the law they owe a heightened duty, a special duty, to their passengers. This means even the most negligible or minor negligence on the part of the bus will render them responsible or liable. In this situation, since you are a passenger, you can recover potentially from both the driver of the other vehicle and the driver of the bus. The driver of the bus’s negligence makes the bus company negligent since the bus driver is an employee within the course and scope of his employment. So the answer is yes, the bus company will most likely be responsible for your family’s injuries.

Las Vegas Hotel’s Security Failed To Stop Injury

Question:If I end up drinking too much and got hurt somewhere on location at my hotel am I held responsible?  Even if no staff tried to cut me off?
Answer:Some states have what is referred to in the legal industry as “dram shop liability”. This is where a bar, restaurant, hotel or casino can be held liable for over serving liquor to a patron. Unfortunately, the state of Nevada does not recognize dram shop liability. The casino and hotel industry in Nevada has been influential in preventing Nevada courts and the Nevada legal system from recognizing pure dram shop liability in this state. Yet, if you are intoxicated and you are injured by another patron who attacks you then you may have a case against the hotel or casino for insufficient security or negligent security. Likewise, there may be other avenues you can pursue. Call Ladah Law Firm today to discuss your options.

Child Injured On Las Vegas Strip

Question:If my child gets hurt while on the strip does it matter if it happens at 11am or 11pm?  Am I held liable?  Are there curfew laws that I should know about?
Answer:There are no curfew laws in this State and it does not matter what time your child gets injured. If the injury occurred as the result of somebody else’s negligence, then you can pursue a case against them. Children are injured in pedestrian accidents and other types of accidents often. Yet, if your child recovers money it will be placed into a block account so that neither the parents nor anyone else can touch that child’s money until the child turns the age of majority. This is meant to protect the child.

Assaulted By A Cartoon Character In Vegas

Question:I’ve noticed famous cartoon characters on the strip taking pictures with several tourists.  What if as you are taking a picture with one of them, one of them started to get physical with you and pushed you over a small curb.  You end up spraining my ankle severely.  Who is held responsible for my injury?
Answer:People working on the strip are likely agents or employees of larger corporations. If they are, whatever corporation they are employees or agents of, whether it is a casino or a time share or anything else, can be held liable for their actions. Yet, distinguishing between an agent and an independent contractor, for liability purposes, is tricky and requires an experienced and skilled attorney on your side. Hire Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm to help you with this. We handle these types of issues in the court on a regular basis.

Assaulted by Vegas Hotel Employee

Question: What if an employee of the hotel I’m staying at had physically assaulted me?  Is the employee or hotel at fault?
Answer:Yes, this would be an intentional act by an employee and as long as that employee was on the job, and acting within the course and scope of his or her employment with the hotel, then the hotel would be liable. Yet, whether or not an employee, who commits an intentional act, is acting within the course and scope of their employment is a tricky legal issue requiring an experienced attorney. Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm handles these issues on a regular basis. Call us today if you have been injured in such an occurrence.

Injured On The Casino Floor, What Do I Do?

Question:What if while walking through the casino, another person accidentally bumped into me & knocked me down which resulted in an injury. Even though it wasn’t an employee, is the casino liable? What should I do?
Answer:Unfortunately, the casino most likely is not liable if another patron bumped into you. The only time the casino would be liable would be if it was an employee of the casino who bumped into you. An exception to this would be if the person did this intentionally, and the casino knew that the patron, a criminal actor, was going through the casino with the intent to commit a crime. In that circumstance, there could be a negligent security case. Ladah Law Firm handles negligence security cases. Call us today if you have such a case.