Swimming Pool Safety and Injury Prevention in Las Vegas

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Unfortunately, serious swimming pool accidents are far more common than many people realize. According to data provided by the Southern Nevada Chapter, International Code Council (SNICC), more than 7,000 Americans die by drowning each year. For children, swimming pools are especially dangerous. Among children, only car accidents cause more accidental deaths each year than drowning.

Pool accident injuries are a particularly large public safety problem in the state of Nevada. It is one of the 10 states in which drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 15. In our own community of Las Vegas, we have seen more than our fair share of heartbreaking pool accidents. In 2013, a Las Vegas teenager drowned in a backyard swimming pool. In the summer of 2017, the Las Vegas Sun reported that a three-year-old was killed after falling into an uncovered pool.

It is clear that we all need to do more to enhance swimming pool safety in our region. Swimmers who are like to enjoy a day in the pool need to be sure that they are keeping themselves and their friends reasonably safe. Parents who allow their children to go swimming need to be sure that their kids are protected in the pool. Pool owners, including hotels, recreation centers, and private individuals need to be sure that they have taken the appropriate steps to secure and maintain their property.

Top Six Swimming Pool Safety Tips

1. Always Swim in Supervised Areas or With a Buddy

To keep yourself safe, you should avoid swimming alone. Even experienced swimmers should always make sure that they have a buddy present with them when getting into the water. Additionally, a group of children should never be allowed to use a pool while unsupervised. Always swim in pools where there is either a trained lifeguard or a skilled adult who can provide life-saving services if necessary.

2. Be Sure the Pool is Properly Maintained

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You should not swim in a pool that has not been properly maintained. Many swimming accidents and injuries occur because of poor maintenance of the pool. Property owners, whether a business or a private individual, have a responsibility to ensure that their pool is reasonably safe. Hotel swimming pool safety is a major issue. Pool owners that fail to provide safe conditions for their invited guests and the public may potentially be subject to a premises liability claim.

3. Make Sure that the Appropriate Equipment is Nearby

There should always be appropriate safety equipment near the pool. Young children and inexperienced swimmers must wear life jackets while in and around the water. Further, rescue equipment, working cell phones, and a well-stocked first aid kit should be nearby. A pool without safety equipment is unacceptably dangerous.

4. Avoid Dangerous Conduct In and Around Pools

Far too many swimming pool injuries occur in Nevada because swimmers engage in dangerous conduct while in and around the water. Of course, swimming pools are meant to be fun. No one wants to take away that fun. Still, horse play in and around a pool can be extremely dangerous. You should never push anyone into a pool. An unexpecting person may not be able to brace their fall. The results could be catastrophic, potentially including a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other severe injuries.

5. Be Sure That All Participants Have Adequate Swimming Skills

Another major issue around pools is that some people (particularly children) hop into the water without yet having sufficient swimming skills. A highly skilled swimmer, whether a lifeguard or a parent, should always be present with small children. If a person is not yet a skilled swimmer, they need to wear a life jacket or another type of protective flotation device.

6. Never Leave a Child Unattended Near a Pool

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Finally, it is important for all parents and pool owners to remember that pools are extremely dangerous for young children, even if they are not actually swimming. Young children should not be able to get access to a pool. Parents need to take proactive measures to pay close attention to their children and ensure that they cannot get to a pool. Swimming pool owners must fully fence off their pool and install a locked gate so that young children are not put at risk. In legal terms, swimming pools are sometimes referred to as an attractive nuisance. They are inherently hazardous and have the potential to draw in young children.

An Attorney Can Help

There is no reason that you should face the legal system alone in the aftermath of a swimming pool accident. Don’t hesitate to contact a swimming pool accident attorney for assistance in recovering the compensation that you deserve.