Las Vegas Car Accident Safety & Prevention Resources

Avoiding Accidents Like This in Vegas
The best way to avoid having to deal with the consequences that come with automobile accidents is through prevention. But how does one prevent an event from occurring which they obviously never intended to partake in? Easier said than done right? If we could simply avoid accidents, there would be no hospitals, no need for insurance or injury lawyers. However, as Ladah Law Firm, explains, there area number of things that can be done in an attempt to do everything in your power to circumvent car accidents.

Preventing accidents is especially important in Las Vegas which was rated 113th safest out of 200 of the nations largest cities (according to Alstate’s report). When you look at the bigger picture of the car accident problem in Vegas, you’ll notice that deaths are actually rising whereas on average across the nation, deaths are trending downward. This is trend is troubling. So what can be done to combat this discouraging car accident & fatality trend in Las Vegas? Here’s some of the more obvious things:

Some less obvious things that often get through the radar are:

You’ve taken all the safety measures, but you still end up in an accident

No matter what you do, there’s always the change that you will still end up in a car wreck. Unfortunately, even the best drivers still can be affect by other no so great drivers on the road. So if the unavoidable ends up being an auto accident, what should you do. There’s loads of resources out there to help walk you through the steps of what you should do after being in an accident but the first & most important is seeking medical attention. Do this if there’s even the slightest indication you may need to. Even if you don’t hurt, you still should if the impact was enough to jar you much at all. The reason for this is that with many accidents, pain from injury may not be noticeable shortly after impact. There can still be injuries form things like whiplash. Adrenaline kicks in when we notice we’re in danger which masks your ability to feel & notice pain to the normal extent. Many car accident victims will think they are fine until the following day after the impact. Then they will start to notice pain that wasn’t there shortly after the accident. Sometimes this can even be from serious injuries.

So where should you go if you do end up in an accident?

This question really depends on the extent of the injury (or injuries). If anyone is severely injured, call 911 & get them emergency medical assistance immediately. If you’re absolutely certain you’re not severely injured, you might opt to go schedule an appointment with your doctor after you deal with the immediate issues at hand from the accident. However, more often than not, you should seek medical attention immediately after an accident just to be on the safe side. Sometimes, seemingly minor accidents can result in life threatening injuries, even when it doesn’t seem to be the case. Either way, below is map of a number of medical providers in Vegas as well as some popular hotels & destination points of reference for quickly locating your position as a frame of reference. You can click on the icon at the top left of the map to filter by type of location.

Where to go if you do get injured in an accident:

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I’ve been medically checked, but my car’s still wrecked. Now what?

Once you deal with the accident & get any neccessary medical attention. Call an injury attorney to get advice for next steps in your particular situation. You may need to rent a car to get to your attorney’s office & back & forth to work etc so use the map below to find a Las Vegas car rental company to help get you back on your feet.

Where to rent a car while your car is getting repaired

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